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Behaviour-change and motivational campaign

The brief:

Coming out of Covid, Royal Mail staff were burnt out and demoralised. An organisational restructure had preceded a long year of enormous logistical challenges and incredible strain.


Staff were questioning the leadership and struggling to cope with what they saw as another challenging year ahead of them. Many were starting to doubt how much longer they could continue to work at the Royal Mail.

The insight:

We held focus groups with the most affected staff in the sorting offices. A few things came out loud and clear:

  • Talk with us, not to us

  • Don't ask us to do more than we're currently doing

  • If we see anything that looks like it comes from MGMT or HR we're going to ignore it


Staff needed to feel like they were being heard and supported. They weren't asking for much more than to be listened to and to be given some hope for the future of their working lives.

The intervention:

We created a series of posters and related assets that reassured them we were going to make their lives simpler.


We referred to our audience by their job titles and abbreviations, creating a personal feel. To build empathy, we recognised the challenging times they were facing, and in response to their comment: "talk to us like we're in the pub", adopted a light-hearted ToV.


Finally we threw the brand guidelines out of the window and created a new look and feel that felt friendly, fresh and far from the corporate style they'd come to know and ignore.


Printed and digital versions


Mail Memes

The Mail Memes was a simple mechanic that used assets supplied in Powerpoint to RM staff, allowing them to build their own memes in the style of the campaign and send them to their colleagues and friends.

Royal Mail Mail Memes 1.jpg

Teaser animations

To build interest in the initiative we created short animations using campaign assets.

RoyalMail Animation_Email.gif
RoyalMail Animation_Compass_2.gif
RoyalMail Animation_Unicycle_1.gif
RoyalMail Animation_Al Desko.gif
RoyalMail Animation_Pat_2.gif
RoyalMail Animation_Alexa.gif
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