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Jersey Finance – brand strategy, campaign & guidelines

JFL header image 1.jpg

The brief:

Misrepresentation of facts had seen Jersey Finance come under fire from detractors in national and international media, resulting in mounting industry pressure and strong negative coverage. Our task was to change that perception.

The insight:

Our research showed that the language and perception of Jersey Finance from the media followed consistent themes, e.g: murkyunclear, complex, fake, old-fashioned. They were often compared to, or mistaken for, less reputable offshore companies infamous for unethical financial practices.

The solution:

We designed a brand strategy that would deploy language and imagery to directly counter the negative sentiments, using themes such as clear, bright, fair, real, future, etc. 


We then created a multi-touchpoint campaign that used emotive imagery to portray Jersey Finance as an ordinary organisation staffed by real people. We knew it was vital to disrupt the clichéd perceptions and put honest, human faces to the business, so all the models were comprised of local islanders. The campaign included a brand film that needed to strike a balance between professional production values but not look so glossy that it could be perceived as either a whitewash or a frivolous use of money. We used cinemagraphs to achieve this.

JFL film storyboards v1.jpg

Vignettes from the film were turned into short digital posters at Jersey airport.

Our comprehensive Tone of Voice guidelines gave Jersey staff all the language and guidance they needed to present a united, honest and heartfelt counter to the negative sentiments they encountered in their everyday working lives.

Jersey Finance Tone of Voice covers.jpg
Jersey Finance Tone of Voice spread.jpg
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