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Lloyds Purpose-Driven culture: campaign & champion engagement

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The brief:

Lloyds Banking Group was undergoing a radical cultural transformation towards becoming a purpose-driven organisation. Their people needed to understand their own role as the business moved towards LBG's ultimate goal of Helping Britain Prosper. They wanted a campaign that stood out and asked challenging questions.

The insight:

We knew our visual solution would be defined within LBG's guidelines, so we needed to create a language and visual tone that was challenging enough to cut through other comms. 

We also knew from experience that a key factor of success would be to set up a champions network inside LBG. Research shows that 10% of any given population advocating a particular sentiment greatly increases the chance of it being embraced by the wider population.

The solution:

We designed the Why bother? campaign and strategy, using a familar yet rairly-used phrase to grab attention and trigger thinking around individual, team and organisational purpose.

Why bother? was launched as our hero idea, to challenge and gain visibility, then the language was toned down and tailored to specific areas such as:

  • Why is LBG focusing on net zero?

  • Why are we having this meeting?

  • Why should I come into the office?

We also created the Pioneers, an internal LBG team who acted as advocates, ambassadors and activists, promoting the Why bother? philosophy via word of mouth and action. 


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Pioneer branding

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Branded touchpoints

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