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Create a buzz for a socially-responsible investment fund

Amity Fund header image.jpg

The brief:

Make a straightforward, sensible investment fund feel exciting while positioning it as a safe bet for financial advisers.

The solution:

  • The classic Mini Cooper was adopted as an analogy for the fund, and by taking it for a spin, we emphasised reliability while adding excitement and a sense of good, old fashioned British verve

  • The animation was created in the brand illustration style using CGI and we used a cinemascope format to give it drama and heft for that authentic Italian Job feel


The result:

The animation was so well-received by the client and audience that the campaign was extended by creating further online ads.

We began by making half-rendered storyboards, to give an accurate impression of the style and timings of the final film, before producing the final edit using Cinema 4D, Adobe Audition and Premier Pro.

Eccles UK Fund storyboard v2-1.jpg
Eccles UK Fund storyboard v2-2.jpg
Eccles UK Fund storyboard v2-3.jpg
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