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Love learning at PwC

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The brief:

PwC were investing heavily in the professional development of their people to ensure they were equipped with the most relevant skills available. Low uptake of existing programmes was due to them being seen as having a low priority and low relevance to daily professional tasks. They needed to ensure uptake of the training was maximised via a campaign that stayed on brand but also stood out in the crowded communications environment. 

The insight:

Our research uncovered a number of factors that helped design the campaign:

  • PwC staff are no strangers to learning and training, the majority of whom come from impressive academic backgrounds

  • The comms landscape was awash with complicated messaging using familiar, corporate language that failed to impact

The solution:

We designed a campaign that tackled the brief in a number of ways:

  • We harnessed the language of 'love' to achieve cut through and remind our audience of their inherent desire to develop

  • We focused on subjects like connecting and inclusion that spoke to the personal and professional benefits of the training

  • We used icons and graphics with implicit relevance to the subject matter, allowing the audience to make their own connections for that little hit of intellectual dopamine

Love learning.jpg
Love connecting.jpg
Love inclusion.jpg

Posters used a modular grid system and bespoke colour scheme to identify them as belonging to the L&D campaign. We provided style guides to PwC's internal designers for them to continue the campaign with confidence. Email newsletters, signature banners and social posts supported the main campaign with impact and consistency.

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