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Infusing the luxury wellness market with emotion

LYMA header images v1.jpg

The brief:

Position LYMA as a premium lifestyle diet supplement, a must-have in today's crowded Wellness market. Our research revealed that competitors were talking almost exclusively about the rational benefits and few were conveying the emotional gains to the consumer.

The solution:

  • We based our campaign around the concept of balance, a state of being that is recognised to be desirable and beneficial to all

  • A premium visual style that leveraged the product's exclusive offering and connected to the luxury market

  • An emotive strapline that spoke to the enjoyment of feeling at your best

The results:

  • LYMA's retail figures surpassed expectations

  • The emotional-led brand position allowed LYMA to own a previously untapped element of the Wellness market

Digital billboards were targeted into high-end retail environments and were then adapted for press in luxury fashion brand periodicals. The billboards featured minimal information and no CTA to create cut through and interest.

LYMA adcepts Print v2.jpg

We created visual and ToV guidelines for LYMA's embedded marketing team, detailing how to treat all comms from social media to online store experience consistently aligned to our strategy.

LYMA Verbal Positioning cover v2.jpg
LYMA Verbal Positioning spread 2.jpg
LYMA Verbal Positioning spread.jpg
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