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London map 72 copy.jpg

A commissioned map of London featuring places of personal significance to the client.

Charles Scott explorer frame v1.jpg

Character concept for an investment bank, positioning them as a pioneer in their field and encouraging customers to explore options.

All portraits.jpg

These characters were created to illustrate the different audience types that a brand needed to talk to.


By bringing the audience description to life in an illustration the brand was able to tailor their marketing to each audience type more effectively.

flying jo

One of a series done in the style of The Jetsons for a Little Book of Money,  exploring the future of financial services.

Puffins 2.jpg

This puffin avatar was created for an Icelandic bank, allowing them to bring warmth and a light-hearted tone to their communications.

Rio de Janiero
New York

A series of simple line drawings done for Friends Provident, depicting different cities around the world using iconic landmarks.

Christmas card storyboard v1.jpg
JFL film storyboards colour v1.jpg

Storyboards help a client understand how the production of a film or animation might look before committing time and resource to the project, and ensures the messaging is on point.

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