Emma's Experience


Illustrate the growing threat of IS recruitment in everyday civilian life, while conveying a message of empowerment to the teenage and young adult audience.

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Emma's Experience

Dinner Table

Show how joining Islamic State can tear families apart.


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Emma's Experience

We Are Tomorrow

Give voice to a defiant youth, stating that the extreme politics of Islamic State doesn't define young Muslims.


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Emma's Experience

The Voice of Truth

Show that the reasons for joining Islamic State hide a range of insecurities. Counter the impression that extremists are to be feared – rather they should be seen as contemptible.

Emma's Experience


A warning to close friends and family members that those at risk of extremism can be influenced by careless words.

Manage your online accounts

A series of four films that talk Legal & General customers through managing their online accounts in a friendly, informative way.

Brand film

This film portrays Jersey Finance as an ordinary organisation staffed by real people. It was vital to disrupt clichéd perceptions and humanise them, so we decided against an obvious live action treatment and the cast was comprised of local islanders.

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