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UK fund animation


The brief:

Make a relatively sober and sensible investment fund feel exciting and be considered as a sure option for financial advisers to place their client’s money.

The solution:

  • Using the a classic Mini Cooper as an analogy for the fund, we emphasised reliability while adding excitement and a sense of good, old fashioned British innovation

  • The animation was created in the brand illustration duo-tone style using a CG model and environment, and a we used the gorgeous cinemascope format

  • for that authentic Italian Job feel


The result:

The animation was so well-liked by the client that the campaign was extended by creating further online banner ads.

Amity Human Rights cover 72p.jpg

Amity Insight brochures

Each month, Ecclesiastical produced their Amity Insight publication which focused on often controversial subjects matters in the financial world e.g. human rights, food and clean water, nuclear power.


The brochures would lay out arguments for and against investing in these areas, while showcasing Ecclesiastical's own funds and positioning the company as an authority on these subjects.

The project involved:

  • Scamps for client approval

  • Research on subject matter

  • Colour and paper stock consistency

  • Project management

  • Press passing

Amity Human Rights spread 72p.jpg
Amity Hungry Planet cover 72p.jpg
Amity Hungry Planet spread 72p.jpg
Amity Thirsty Planet cover 72p.jpg
Amity Thirsty Planet spread 72p.jpg
Ecclesiastical B2B campaign ad 1 72p.jpg

B-2-B campaign

For this campaign, we converted a series of brand truths about Ecclesiastical into a series of straight-talking executions. In a financial marketplace awash with insubstantial statements and amorphous promises the common sense tone of this language was a refreshing change.

All the press ads were converted to animated digital banners for the online element of the campaign.

Ecclesiastical Anchor B2B
Ecclesiastical B2B campaign ad 3 72p.jpg
Financial Adviser award B2B Eccles

Best B-2-B campaign

Ecclesiastical B2B campaign ad 2 72p.jpg
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