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Bosch Brute Tough bus side 72p.jpg
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Brute Tough campaign

Ah, Vinnie J. AKA The Hard Man of Football. AKA the not-so-enthusiastic model of photoshoots.


As a former hod carrier, Vinnie was the perfect choice as the new stony face of Bosch Power Tools. His own tough reputation, both on and off the pitch, lent authority to the robustness of Bosch's tools.


The ads were placed on billboards and bus sides in areas undergoing significant regeneration, such as Birmingham and Croyden, to maximise exposure to the construction audience.

The second phase of the campaign was planned to capitalise on Vinnie's growing film career, with movie poster style creative. However, his contract with Bosch was canned before they could go into production.

Bosch Brute Tough scamp 72p.jpg
Bosch Hero scamp 2 72p.jpg
Bosch Hero scamp 1 72p.jpg
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